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The Psychology of Freedom

The psychology of freedom combines tools that have been taken from the practical wisdom of modern psychology and timeless spiritual knowledge from various traditions. Psychotherapy adapts itself specifically to the unique issues that each individual seeking therapy suffers from. Spiritual knowledge offers a singular solution, addressing all of the problems that humans suffer from, and leads to the unearthing of quietude, calm, and joy independent of any objective reason. The combination of both worlds enables deep, and thorough healing. The knowledge offered here is highly practical and trustworthy as it is grounded in direct experience and yields quick results for anyone who is interested in learning about the knowledge offered.


The Direct Path to Happiness

Shadow Work

Yoga Of The Body And Senses

About Me

I am a clinical psychologist by profession, and have worked in the field for 20 years in various frameworks and settings. Seven years ago, following some physical issues I was facing, I was exposed to spiritual knowledge that generated a profound change in my world. Naturally, what I understood, began to seep into my professional work as a therapist, and today I integrate – with tremendous pleasure – the tools I have learned as a clinical psychologist and my spiritual knowledge in both private practice and group sessions, in addition to workshops and retreats throughout Israel.

Upcoming events

Friday & Saturday | 14+15/04/2023
“Lithouse” Center – Tel-Aviv

Retreat Ein-Karem

 June 2023 | Will be posted soon!
“Rosary Sisters Convent” – Ein-Karem, Jerusalem

Will be posted soon!
 “Lighthouse” center- Tel Aviv