Yoga of the body and senses


Tantra, in the way that it is practiced here, is a series of meditative techniques that derive from Kashmir Shivaism Tantric Yoga. These understandings enable deep and fundamental explorations of the sense of separation that we experience as human beings. This exploration is executed via two channels: The first, uses techniques working with bodily sensations and the second, utilizes techniques that work with our five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.—restoring our natural experience of oneness with the world around us.

Over time, throughout the exploratory process, we obtain a profound clarity about who we are on an experiential level. As a result of these understandings, we are able to enter a complete state of relaxation, and in addition, to recognize and accept emotional pain that is “stuck,” and clear a path for its release. The direct implication of this pain’s release is a significant reduction in emotional reactivity, or in other words, a significant reduction of daily psychological suffering. These learned techniques essentially help to “reprogram” the physical body to its natural state of organic calm, peace and non-reactivity.

The tantric path can help anyone who has opened to the spiritual world, but still suffers from feelings of separation in and identification in their daily life. These tools hold tremendous potential to create understanding and significant change, but require curiosity, patience and perseverance in order to fully benefit from the fruits that this method offers. [It is noteworthy to add that this method has no specific connection to processes of sexual development or sexuality in general.

The tantric method encourages fully “encountering” life. In fact, with these understandings, the challenges of daily life (relationships, work, leisure, etc.), become moments filled with potential. When difficulties arise we may encounter hidden pains and turn every one of these difficult experiences into an opportunity for deep healing.