Private Sessions


The aim of private sessions is first and foremost, to expediently alleviate the psychological suffering a person is feeling upon his/her arrival to the session. Sessions begin with an in-depth introductory conversation. After a clearer picture begins to surface, a process between the therapist and patient begins, the aim of which is to bring to light the source of the emotional suffering. In addition, practical solutions are offered that are intended to reduce emotional anguish. It is important to note, that during the introductory session, it is necessary to explore the patient’s past in order to become familiar with his/her background. However, the sessions themselves focus mainly on the present. Tools used to understand the pain, and alleviate it, are extremely practical, and diverse, some of which originate in the world of psychology and some from ancient wisdom.

Every person who comes for therapy is different, and thus receives the therapy s/he needs, specifically for him/her, as well as the tools and solutions that are fitting for any given time. Sessions are conducted in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, with the individual and therapist working together as a team in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

There are times when a person arrives for therapy without necessarily being in distress, but seeking enrichment in spiritual thinking or interest in deepening it. This is indeed possible, and the sessions will progress in this vein.

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