Group Sessions


Group sessions take place once a week via Zoom, and are about two hours long. These sessions are geared towards those who are seeking a regular, ongoing framework that allows one to delve deeper within, as well as deepen understanding of tools and knowledge offered. Usually individuals join group sessions after they have experienced a certain level of improvement and stability in their emotional state following private, one-on-one sessions.

New groups open every four months, at the end of which participants can choose whether to continue or leave, and newcomers are welcomed in to the group at that time.

Sessions always open with guided meditations, followed by an open group discussion comprising questions and answers, sharing ,and making room for mutual inspiration among group members. The group is conceived of as a study group, though participants also often benefit from the mutual support obtained in the group. The group platform enables significant, in-depth intellectual and experiential understanding and allows for the implementation of the tools of shadow work and exploration of non-duality.

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