A retreat is, in essence, a long workshop that lasts between 3-5 days and nights, and takes place in different locations throughout Israel. Participating in this type of event offers a unique opportunity to step back from our busy daily reality so that we may take a deep look into ourselves, and enhance our explorations. The peaceful setting of the retreat lends itself to this form of study and exploration. During the retreat, sessions include various forms of meditation, and time and space for open dialogues in which questions and answers are welcome and shared by the participants.

Retreats take place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on a the freedom enjoyed between sessions, in which one can choose to be alone, or meet other participants. The retreats take place in peaceful surroundings, where nature is dominant and the food provided is tasty and wholesome. The ambience created as a result of this “blend” is gratifying, pleasurable and open.

There is no need for previous experience in meditation in order to participate


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